Emanet Epizoda 673 sa Prevodom

Akca finds Nana asleep. Yaman tells her not to touch her, let her be until she rests. Even though Ferit tries so hard for Ajša, she still tries to go alone without asking for his help, but again she doesn’t succeed.

Nana wakes up on the couch and Yaman comes there. Nana blames him for asking her to work so long. He tells her not to blame him, she asked to be an assistant.

Nana and Yaman go to eat outside and see some poor people to whom they buy food and give it. In return one of them gives them a drawing of the two of them which leaves them both speechless.

Ayše turns to Ferit when she sees him holding his little girl’s hand while telling her a story, and she falls asleep with that. After that, he tells her how lucky he is to have been her father from the very beginning.

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