Emanet Epizoda 677 sa Prevodom

Seeing Yaman in front of her, Nana both cries and laughs saying that she knew he was alive. While Ayše fights with Ferita and tries to cheer him up, Nana struggles to help Yaman remove the bullet from his body.

Yaman does not allow her to call anyone to prevent trouble. Ferit is still crying alone, outside, while Ayše comes to him and says that he can’t continue like this. Nedim calls Nana and she tells him that she is in the hostel. After that, Nedim comes to the inn asking to see Nana.

Nana comes to the inn to bring pills and everything Yaman needs, but is followed by Aynur, who relays the news to Nedim that Nana is hiding something.
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